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Why massage your baby?

  • Moment of sharing: development of affective language

  • Strengthens the parent-child bond

  • Reassures the newborn, gives a feeling of security

  • Become aware of your body image

  • Muscle relaxation, relieves tension and pain

  • Stimulates muscles, improves flexibility and promotes motor coordination; contributes to the growth of the baby

  • Stimulates the immune system through body drainage, regulates the nervous system

  • Regulates sleep

  • Encourage and develop touch

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And for the parents?
  • Improves self-confidence

  • Parenting skills

  • Stimulates lactation by increasing oxytocin, the breastfeeding hormone

  • Observe and respect your baby's signs

The bond of attachment
  • the child will feel loved and safe

  • the baby will know that he can count on his parents to meet his needs

  • a child who feels safe has an easier time learning and developing well on the motor and intellectual levels

  • attachment will facilitate socialization and the sharing of emotions

  • developing empathy and cooperation with others


Baby massage can be started at any age, even beyond its first year. It does not involve any risk but some precautions should be observed. We will then not massage the baby when:

  • meal taken less than an hour ago

  • during sleep (we don't wake up baby)

  • temperature (+38°)

  • vaccine last received  48h

  • recent operation

  • skin rash, skin lesions


If the child does not accept the massage, never force it.

The massage should be a pleasant exchange.

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