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Tibetan singing bowls

What is that?

Singing bowls: an alloy of 7 metals

The singing (or therapeutic) bowls are made of an alloy of 7 metals in relation to the 7 planets, the 7 main chakras and the 7 days of the week.

The 7 metals are:

  • Silver – Moon – Monday

  • Iron – March – Tuesday

  • Mercury – Mercury – Wednesday

  • Tin – Jupiter – Thursday

  • Copper – Venus – Friday

  • Lead – Saturn – Saturday

  • Gold – Sun – Sunday

The bowls are used in sound therapy as a sound instrument for baths called “gong baths”, massages, relaxation and meditation.

They are also a powerful healing tool, derived from Bon shamanic techniques. The vibratory frequencies they produce make it possible to care for and heal the energy bodies.

Their effect then comes from both the sound and the vibration produced.

The bowls offer us a shortcut to deep meditation, to our higher consciousness and inner silence.

Origin and composition of singing bowls

The bowl is a millennial tool (6000 BC), whose origin would come from Tibetan shamanism (Bôn religion) even before the arrival of Buddhism.

Bowls were used in daily life and by Tibetan monks for meditation and offerings.

They are made by hand in forges, by blacksmith monks, mainly in Nepal and Tibet.

“So each bowl is unique. »

The arrival of singing bowls in the West dates back to the 1980s, thanks in particular to Peter Hess, a German physicist who created sound massage.

In Germany and Switzerland, bowl care is reimbursed by social security!

“The sound of the singing bowl touches what is deepest in us.  It stirs the soul. Sound relieves tension, mobilizes natural defenses and releases creative energies. »

-Peter Hess-

What we offer you:

Trained in the use of level 1 Tibetan bowls by the venerable Master Pasang Lama , we offer you a complete cleansing of your energy bodies and a complete realignment of your chakras.

We will first work on the three poisons of life, in order to cleanse and purify your energies. This will allow you to move forward more serenely in your daily life.

We will then proceed to the re-balancing of your chakras, so that each of your "energy wheels" turns correctly and allows your etheric and physical bodies to be in good health.

Finally, we will clean and purify your 3 energy memories: life (from your birth to today) - transgenerational (we will go back 7 generations) - karmic (your past lives).

Following this treatment, we will guide you towards deep relaxation thanks to a live guided meditation for approximately 20 minutes coupled with the chosen treatment (frequency therapy, cranial micro-massage or chromotherapy).


  What it will bring you:

This complete ritual will allow you to find serenity and inner peace. It will accompany you towards "letting go" and a total energy cleansing. The vibrations emitted by the bowl will increase your vibrational frequency and at the same time optimize your inner healing and relieve your ailments (physical and psychological).

For who?

Our care is given only "without contact", so it is suitable for all people wishing to use it.  

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